Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oreo Truffle Pops! Spooky Ghosts, perfect for Halloween!!

Mr. Wonderful loves Oreos. He loves them!! So, when a friend of ours told him about Oreo truffles, Mr. Wonderful was amazed and called me to ask if I could: a) find out how to make them and b) make them right away! Well, they are the easiest truffles in the world and they taste great.
For the Oreo Truffle:
· A package of Oreos (or any chocolate sandwich cookie)
· ¾ of a softened 8 oz. package of Cream Cheese (that works out to be 6 oz.)
· A food processor (or blender). That’s it!
For the Ghost Pops:
· Some kind of truffle center (I used Oreo)
· 16 – 24 oz. of white chocolate (the candy melts would the best)
· 28 lollipop sticks
· Paramont Crystals (not needed, but they will make the chocolate smooth)
· edible black pen
Steps to Make the Oreo Truffles:
1) Process (or blend) the whole package of Oreos until it is a fine crumb. The finer, the better.
2) Place the crumbs in a mixing bowl and add softened cream cheese to the bowl. (I leave my cream cheese on the kitchen counter for several hours to get it nice and soft.)
3) With a spoon or hand mixer, mix the two ingredients together. That’s it
You can get really creative with your choice of Oreos. I love using the Mint ones or even the Chocolate Peanut butter. I have heard of people using Nutter Butters, but I haven’t tried that yet.
Steps to make the Ghost Pops:
1) Take your filling and form them into bell shapes. Keep the diameter to no more than one inch. You should get 28 out of the Oreo recipe.
2) Form small logs to be the arms, 2 per ghost. Place the bells and logs in the refrigerator to cool while you get the chocolate ready.
3) For the chocolate, add 16 oz. of white chocolate and a teaspoon of paramount crystals to a microwave safe bowl. Melt them according to directions on package or follow my steps (it's step #3)
4) Once the chocolate is ready, retrieve your Oreo filling from the fridge. Dip one side of logs (arms) into the chocolate and ‘glue’ them to the bells (bodies). Press them firm and hold it for a few seconds to make sure it is well ‘glued’. Place in the fridge for a few moments, until the chocolate has set.
5) Retrieve the ghosts again. Dip the tip of a lollipop stick into the chocolate and insert (that sounds dirty!) the stick into the bottom of the ghost. Repeat until all the ghosts have sticks. Return the ghost to the fridge for at least 5 minutes. You want the ghost very firm for the dipping. While you wait, make sure your dipping chocolate is deep enough to dip the ghosts without touching the bottom of the bowl. The arms are fragile until they are covered in chocolate.
6) Time to dip! I place my chocolate back in the microwave for 30 seconds on 50% power right before I dip. Take a few ghosts out of the fridge at a time. Allow the others to remain in the fridge. Dip the ghost in the chocolate. DO NOT STIR! They may break. If you have to, dip one side and then the other in chocolate. Gently tap off the extra chocolate and place the pop in the drying rack to dry. Repeat!
Caught you!! My monkey was trying to get a pop before they are finished!
7) I double dipped my ghosts to make sure they were a true white. I added more chocolate to my dipping bowl (about 8 oz.) to make sure I had enough. I allowed the first dipping to dry all the way. Then, I re-dipped them.
                    First Dip                                               Second Dip
8) Once dry, draw on faces with an edible black pen.
If the arms seem too hard to do, just skip it. The bells make great ghosts too!
Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!


  1. Joni,

    Do you know if you can buy that edible marker at a grocery store or crafts stores?


  2. Rachel,

    The only markers I have found in the stores are by Wilton. They are not very good at writing on chocolate. Americolor is the only way to go. Some candy supply stores have them or they may be able to order them for you. Amazon is a great place to get them too. There is a link for them in the post. Hope this helps!!!