Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homemade 3 Musketeer Candy Bars!!! Soft, fluffy chocolate nougat covered in chocolate!

So, I love 3 Musketeers! But, I only like the fresh ones. For that reason, I only buy the ones at certain holidays so I know they are fresh. Otherwise, you are rolling the dice to see if you get a great one or a stale one. Not my favorite game! But, now I can make my own and they are pretty easy. Here is how to do it:

What you will need:

· 3 cups White Granulated Sugar
· ¾ light Corn Syrup
· ¾ water
· 1/8 teaspoon of Salt
· 3 egg whites (Don’t worry. They will get cooked)
· ½ cup of Semi sweet Chocolate chips
· 16 oz bag of Milk Chocolate Candy Wafers ( I used Wilton Light Chocolate Wafers)
Tools you need:

· Heavy bottomed 3 quart pot with lid
· Candy Thermometer
· Mixer and mixing bowl. I also used a Wisk attachment.
· 13 x 9 pan sprayed with cooking spray (not the butter flavored one!)
· Bowl and fork for dipping
· Wax Paper or Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat (my favorite!!)
1) In a 3 quart pot, add your sugar, water, syrup and salt. (I don’t even stir it together. I just add them and turn on the heat.)

2) Place the lid on the pot and turn your stove to medium heat. Allow to cook for ten minutes. Do Not Lift The Lid!

3) Once the ten minutes are up, remove the lid and attach your candy thermometer.

4) While the sugar cooks, beat three egg whites to stiff peaks and set to the side.

5) Cook the sugar to 270 degrees. Now, if you don’t live at sea level, you will have to change the temperature. For every 1000 feet above sea level, subtract two degrees. I live at about 5000 feet above sea level, so I cooked it until 260 degrees.

6) Right before your sugar gets to the goal temperature, whip the eggs again to make sure they haven’t separated.

7) Using your mixer set on low; gradually add the sugar to the whipped egg. It took me almost five minutes to add the sugar slowly to the eggs.

8) Once all the sugar syrup is added, turn the mixer up to high and whip until the mixture looks like dough. It should be a little thicker than marshmallow cream and be pulling away from the bowl a bit. It took my Kitchen Aid mixer 13 minutes to get to the ‘dough’ state.

9) Add your semisweet chips to the ‘dough’. Once you add the chocolate, the mixture will not thicken anymore. So, make sure the ‘dough’ is thick before you do this step. Mix until the chocolate has melted and mixed into the ‘dough’.

10) Pour the mixture into a 13 x 9 pan that has been sprayed with non stick spray (not butter flavor!).

11) Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour.

12) Remove the candy from the pan. The whole thing should come out as a whole.

13) Cut your candy into mini candy bar shapes. I got at least 2 dozen fun-size candy bars.
14) Melt your chocolate following the package instructions or follow my steps for tempering.

15) Using a fork or dipping tool, dip your candy into the chocolate and place on a Silpat or wax paper.

16) I used a little chocolate in a bag to make a design on my chocolates.

Enjoy!! They are creamy, marshmallow-ie (not a word, but they are!) and fluffy all at the same time. Good luck and check back for my recipe for MINT Three Musketeers!!!
The Original Three Musketeer   
Coming Soon: Mint Three Musketeers!!!


  1. How about adapting the nougat recipe to a malted milk flavor (to mimic the the discontinued Milkshake candy bar)? And also a slightly darker chocolate covering with a spritzing of something glossy and that prevents instant chocolate melting when handling? Then we would finally have the perfect copy cat recipe for this favorite old time treat!

    1. Just add Whoppers in place of chocolate chips. Since chocolate will melt when add to the hot sugar and egg white mixture, using the mixer will break up the Whoppers, the chocolate will melt as well. You may need to play around with amount of Whoppers you add to get the desired, nostalgic taste.

    2. The Milkshake candy bar also had a layer of caramel on top of the nougat layer. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think I would just melt some caramels (slowly) in a double boiler and pour it over the nougat while it's still in the pan, then finish with the chocolate coating as described.

  2. how do you do the design on the chocolate? It doesn't seem to look like you are using a piping bag to stretch the line out on top.

  3. Please forgive my ignorance but I was wondering if you change the attachment on your kitchenaid mixer from the whipping to the beating at any stage?

    1. No, it's not required. The difference is mainly the speed setting, the ingredient, and your desired outcome.

  4. Can you make ahead and freeze before coating in the chocolate?