Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bleeding Strawberry Mummies!! The deep red filling tastes great and looks gross!!

I purchased a Silicone Gingerbread Boy Mold Pan a few years back and have found so many uses for it. You can even bake with it! I have used it to make chocolate gingerbread men, babies, bears and bunnies. It’s a useful tool to have! This time, I decided to make mummies for Halloween.
The Strawberry Filling:
· ½ cup of Strawberry puree
· 6 ounces of red chocolate candy wafers
Steps for the Filling:
1) In a saucepan, reduce your strawberry puree over medium-low heat. You are done when it’s reduced to half the original (1/4 cup).
2) Pour the chocolate candy wafers into a microwave safe bowl. Melt them according to the package.
3) Pour reduced strawberry puree into the melted chocolate and stir until well mixed.
4) Set aside and allow to cool.
For the Mummies, You will need:
· 16 ounces of white chocolate or white chocolate candy wafers
· Edible Sugar Pearls in Blackfor eyes (if you don’t have these, just pipe on eyes with milk or dark chocolate)
· Silicone Gingerbread Boy Mold Pan
· Cocoa powder
· Paramont Crystals(not needed, but makes the chocolate very smooth)
· If you have them, get a piping bag with a small and medium round tip. If not, you will need to sandwich baggies.
Steps for the Bleeding Mummies:
1) Melt the white chocolate candy wafers according to the package instructions. I added a teaspoon of paramount crystals to make it smooth.
2) Using your finger or a food safe paint brush, cover the sides and the bottom of each gingerbread mold (my filling only made 14).
3) Place the mold into the freezer for just a few minutes.
4) Retrieve the mold and add the filling to each mold until it is almost to the top. I used a piping bad with a medium tip. You could just use a sandwich bag and cut the tip off.
I added one filling with Brownie filling for Mr. Wonderful. He hates strawberry!!
5) Cover the filling with more white chocolate (enclosing the filling).
6) Place in the freezer for ten minutes to make sure the filling and chocolate are firm.
7) Once they are firm, remove them from the mold. First, stretch the sides of the mold to loosen the candy. Then, pop them out.
Oh No!!!!!! Some of them broke! No worries, the mummy wrapping will cover it up.
8) Use a little white chocolate to ‘glue’ the black balls on the head for eyes.
9) Now, time to wrap. I used a piping bag with a small round tip. You could use another sandwich bag with the very tip cut off. I piped chocolate across the mummy. Pipe the lines at different angles to add interest. Make sure that you don’t cover the eyes.
10) If you want to make them extra special, dust the mummies with cocoa powder to highlight the wrapping. I used my finger and just rubbed it on.
And you are done!! They are very cute and gross at the same time. Enjoy!!

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