Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fancy Oreo and Mint Oreo Truffles! Learn how to make the perfect dipped truffle!


Every year I give out boxes (well, I use Chinese food containers) full of candy to friends. One of the favorites is Oreo truffles and Mint Oreo truffles. They are super easy and I just learned a new way to dip them and get the perfect round shape. So, I thought I would share!

For the Oreo Truffles:

· A package of Oreos (or any chocolate sandwich cookie)- Not the double stuffed
· About ¾ of softened 8 oz. package of Cream Cheese
· 16 oz of White Chocolate (I used candy melts from Wilton) and 4 oz of Dark Chocolate
· Lollipop sticks
· Candy cups
· a food processor (or blender)

For Mint Oreo Truffles:

· A package of Mint Oreos (or any chocolate sandwich cookie)
· About ½ of softened 8 oz. package of Cream Cheese
· 8 oz of White Chocolate (I used candy melts from Wilton), 8 oz of Green Colored Chocolate and 4 oz of Dark Chocolate
· Lollipop sticks
· Candy cups (mini cupcake wrappers)
· a food processor (or blender)

Steps to Make the Oreo Truffles (the inside):

1) Process (or blend) the whole package of Oreos until it is a fine crumb. The finer, the better.

2) Place the crumbs in a mixing bowl and add the softened cream cheese to the bowl (6 oz for Oreo and 4 oz for Mint Oreo truffles). Sometimes my cream cheese isn’t that softened, so I just have to mix a little longer. No big deal.

3) With a spoon or hand mixer, mix the two ingredients together.

Steps to make the perfect truffles:

1) Roll your mixture into 1 ½ inch balls. Place in the refrigerator for an hour.


2) Melt your Chocolate according to the instructions on the package or follow mine! For the original Oreos, just melt 16 oz of White chocolate. For the mint Oreos, mix together 8 oz of green and white and melt together.

3) Retrieve your Oreo balls. Dip a tip of each stick into the chocolate and insert half way into the ball.


4) Time to Dip! Dip the balls into the chocolate. DO NOT STIR! Try to cover the whole ball in one dipping. Tap off the excess by gently tapping the stick against your wrist or the edge of the bowl. Wipe the excess chocolate on the bottom of the truffle and on the stick off with your finger. You want to be able to pop the truffle off the stick as easily as possible. Place in the drying rack (or a block of Styrofoam).

5) Now, for the Original White Oreo balls, I dipped them twice. I like a true white color. But, for the Mint ones, I only had to dip them once. Make sure everything is covered. Any little hole will cause the truffle mixture to leak.

6) After the chocolate has set, time to decorate! Melt the dark chocolate; I then poured it into a sandwich bag. I cut the very tip of the corner of the bag off. I then squeezed the baggie back and forth over the pop to create a design. Allow to dry.

7) Re-melt your chocolate (white or the green-white mixture). Now, carefully remove the lollipop stick. Dip the bottom of the truffle into the melted chocolate and place in your candy cups. This step will ensure that the bottom is sealed and the candy cup will stay with the truffle.

The green one is the mint Oreo and the white one is the original Oreo truffle. The mint ones are amazing!!!

You now have a professional looking truffle that anyone would be happy to receive! Good luck and enjoy them!!!

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