Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Peeps! Have a fun treat all year round and in any shape you want!!


I love peeps! They always make you feel like a kid. It’s marshmallow and sugar. Who doesn’t love those two things?!? Well, I found a way to make peeps in any shape, size and color. They are really easy and here is how to do it:
What you will need:

· Marshmallows (I used my recipe found here). Homemade marshmallows are the best! So much better than the store bought.
· Cookie Cutters. Any size and shape will work. I used a small heart and flower. But, think of the endless options you could do!!
· A pastry brush
· ¼ cup of Corn Syrup
· Fine to regular colored sugars. The finer the sugar, the better. I wouldn’t use sanding sugar. That would be super course and would not cover very well.



1) Make your marshmallow. I made the marshmallow and poured it into a sheet pan with a Silpat on the bottom. The pan was covered in a mixture of equal parts corn starch and powdered sugar (like my recipe says to use). Allow the marshmallow at least 4 hours to set up. I waited overnight.


2) Sprinkle a cutting board with the corn starch and powdered sugar mixture. Peel the marshmallow off the pan and place on the cutting board. If you used a Silpat, remove that too.

3) Now, the fun begins!! Dip your cookie cutter in the corn starch and powdered sugar mixture. Press them into the marshmallow (just like making sugar cookies). Make sure you press straight down. Place the cut marshmallows on a Silpat or wax paper that is dusted with the corn starch and powdered sugar mixture.

Aren’t they cute?
The leftovers. Don’t throw it away. Cut them up and use in hot cocoa or just give the whole thing to your kids and give them a huge sugar high ;)

4) Once they are all cut out, brush off the extra corn starch and powdered sugar mixture with the pastry brush. Do this over the sink. It can get messy.

5) Pour your sugars into small bowls. And pour your corn syrup into a small bowl too.

6) Cover a marshmallow in corn syrup (you can use a brush, but I found that using your fingers was easier). I covered 5 at a time.

7) Place the marshmallow in the sugars and cover completely.


8) Put on a Silpat or Plate to ‘dry out’ a bit.


There you go! Homemade peeps!! They are very fun to make! Next time I think I will make a giant peep. Hope you try them soon!!!

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