Thursday, December 15, 2011

Forget Elf on a Shelf! Try Elves on a Stick! Elf Cake Pops are yummy!

To go with the Santa Cake Pops, I made Elves! I love the ears!!
What you will need:
· Cake balls or truffle balls - I used a cake pop maker to make my cake balls from a cake mix. But, you could make the traditional cake ball method from Bakerella (the QUEEN of cake pops). You can use any flavor you want.  I used White cake mix.
· Lollipop sticks
· Pink, Yellow, White, Green and Red Chocolate Candy Wafers
· Paramount Crystals (They make the chocolate very smooth. But, you could use shortening too)
· Edible Black Food pen (or use a little dark chocolate)
· Toothpicks
· A sandwich bag (like a small Ziploc bag)
· Red Candies- I used red M&Ms. But, you could use red gumballs, jelly bellies or anything round-ish
· Drying Rack (or a large Styrofoam block)

1) To make the Caucasian skin color: Mix 1 part yellow, 2 parts white and 4 parts pink in a bowl. Keep in mind that the chocolate will dry a little darker and pinker than when it’s wet. I also added a teaspoon of Paramount Crystals (or a teaspoon of Shortening). Melt the chocolate according to the instructions or follow mine.


2) Dip the tip of a lollipop stick into the chocolate and insert no more than half way into a cake ball. Repeat for all your cake balls. Place in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden the chocolate.

3) Time to dip! Make sure the skin colored chocolate is at the perfect temperature (No dry chocolate on the sides of the bowl and if you put a small amount of chocolate on your lip you don’t feel anything- no heat and not cold). If it’s not the perfect temperature, put it back into the microwave for ten second intervals at 50% power until it’s perfect.

4) Dip the balls into the flesh colored chocolate. DO NOT STIR! Try to cover the whole ball in one dipping. Tap off the excess by gently tapping the stick against your wrist or the edge of the bowl. Place in the drying rack (or a block of Styrofoam). I double dipped the pops (dipped, dried and then dipped again) to make sure I had a smooth surface.

The ones on the left are double dipped. The right, only once. Can you see the difference?

5) Now to decorate!! Melt 8 oz. of green chocolate. Dip a little less than half of the ball into the green chocolate and place in the drying rack. Add your red candy for the ball on top of the green before it is dry!

6) Reheat the flesh color chocolate. Use a toothpick to make the nose on each Santa. Fill a sandwich bag with ½ cup of the flesh color chocolate and snip the corner of the bag (just a little bit!). Use the bag to pipe an upside down teardrop on each side of the head.


7) If you would like rosy cheeks, grab a red chocolate wafer. Rub your finger over the chocolate until a little chocolate transfers to your finger. Rub on the cheeks for a cute rosy glow!

8) Time for the Red trim! Melt about 4 oz of red chocolate. Use your toothpick to place a line of chocolate around the edge of the hat (for the fur trim). Use the toothpick to swirl the chocolate so it looks like fur.

9) Use the edible pen to add eyes and a smile.


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